What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is a serious sleep disorder. s9asda
This is a condition where the breathing is interrupted during sleep. That doesn’t mean the breathing is stopped continuously for a long time, but there are pauses which may last for few seconds to minutes in between. This happens a
couple of times or hundreds of times in a single night. Normally, it follows a severe snoring, and when the breathing resumes, there will be a choking sound. Because of the disturbed sleep, the person may feel tiredness or fatigue during the daytime.


There are three types of sleep apnea

The first one is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The second one is Central Sleep Apnea (CSA), and the last one is Mixed Apnea.

Of the three, OSA is the most common. Major risk factors of OSA include overweight, family history of sleep apnea, large neck size, large tonsils, large tongue and small jaw bones, allergies, obstruction in the nose and sinus problem.

In OSA, breathing is stopped by a blockage in the air pathway while CSA is caused when the brain fails to send pulses to muscles instructing them to facilitate breathing. Normally, the person having this problem may not be aware that they have this condition. This is normally observed by any of their family members instead. Sleeping Apnea is diagnosed by an overnight sleep study and is confirmed if a minimum of 5 incidents happen per hour.



Treatment for Sleep Apnea is a change in lifestyle, use of mouth pieces, breathing devices and surgery.
Lifestyle changes refer to stopping certain destructive habits such as alcohol consumption and smoking. Weight loss is another important treatment for this condition. At night, you may try to sleep on your side. Breathing device involves the use of CPAP machine. Surgery is the last option for treating the Sleep Apnea patients who reject the CPAP machine and dental appliances. Surgical procedures are individualized for every person as to address all the areas of obstruction. It could be a nasal obstruction, Pharyngeal obstruction or base of tongue obstruction. The Stanford Centre of Excellence guarantees 95% success rate for the surgeries.

If you don’t treat Sleep Apnea on time, this may increase the chances of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity and heart dysfunctions like an irregular beat and heart failure.


San Antonio

If you happen to have sleep apnea in San Antonio TX, you could go to the professionals. There are numerous of sleep centers and physicians providing expert services in sleep disorders. These sleep therapists observe you in the sleep room overnight and find out your sleeping pattern, your source of sleeping problem and make diagnoses. Data about your sleep will be recorded from your body by connecting electrodes to your heads. There will be some pre sleep study requirements patients have to follow. With your test results, a polysomnologist will discuss with you about the treatment options.

Some reputed centers like Sleep Therapy and Research Centre in San Antonio, Texas do an out-of-center home sleep study. This facility is given to sleep patients with no other sleep disorder symptoms, and insurance companies recommend that this sleep test is done at home rather than in a medical centre. Apart from the surgery, these sleep therapy centers offer customized alternative solutions for Sleep Apnea patients. They include alternative for CPAP, which is Mandibular Repositioning Devices (MDR) treatment.

When you select a doctor for your Sleep Apnea treatment, make sure the physician is trained and well experienced in sleep therapy. The physician should give you a personal care and individualized observation and counseling before starting the treatment. Surgery should be kept as the last option and physician should give importance to alternative treatment options, and he should be an expert in this area of alternate treatment options. Perry Dental Health and Sleep Therapy and Research Centre in San Antonio, Texas are among many specialists with an excellent service in Sleep Apnea treatment.

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Joseph Chavis On December - 23 - 2017

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