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A wart is a small hard swelling that grows on your skin and is caused by a virus called the human papillomavirus (HPV). Read on, to get a better understanding of common warts. The virus then enters the body through an area of torn skin, causing the skin to propagate rapidly, therefore developing a wart.DSADFVSBGCC

Warts can grow anywhere on your skin and can be painful, embarrassing, contagious and above all they are ugly. HPV; The virus that causes wart has over 100 different types of virus that almost all of them are harmless warts that develop on your skin (mostly hands or feet). There are five main types of warts. Each type has a different appearance and develops in a different part of your body.

Types of Warts

Plantar warts

Plantar warts grow into your skin, and in most cases, they develop on the feet. You can easily tell if you are infected with plantar wart if you notice a small hole appearing on the soles of your feet. As soon as you notice one I highly advice for treatment as it can make your walking itchy.

Common warts

They usually develop on your toes and fingers, but can also appear elsewhere on your skin. They are rounded at the top with grainy appearance and are generally rough.

Flat warts

Flat warts are usually small and are not easily noticeable when they develop. They usually develop on the arms, face and thighs. Their top is flat, and they can turn pink, yellow, or brownish.

Periungual warts

These warts are found around your fingernails and toenails. They can affect your nail growth plus are usually painful. Wearing closed shoes for a long time can also cause periungual warts to grow on your feet.

Filiform warts

Filiform warts can be dangerous, and they mostly develop around your nose or mouth and even some other times on your under chin or neck. They resemble the same color of your skin, hence making them difficult to identify and are small.


When it comes to treatment some may need more than one type of medication, and they include:

Freezing: this is whereby a specialist uses nitrogen liquid to freeze the infection and the tissue will wear out after a week

CCvgbxnhfCantharidin: after applying cantharidin on the skin, the infected area is covered with a bandage and after some time, the doctor will later remove the dead portion of the skin

Minor surgery: this happens when therapies cannot remove the wart and therefore a surgery will be needed to cut it away.

Laser surgery: it involves a laser (beam of light) to destroy and burn the tissue.…

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