People complaining of a pinched nerve is quite common nowadays. However, not many understand what it is. Knowing a little about the spinal cord as well as the types of nerves that can be pinched, will help give a better understanding. A simple explanation of an important nerve is as below.

Peripheral nerve

Nerves extend to the legs and arms from the brain, sending muscles to the asxDasszdcZSDXskin and muscles. The nerve originating from the spine to the legs and arms is known as peripheral nerve, and it contains millions of nerve fibers. When the nerve is pinched, some of the nerve fibers will stop working effectively, meaning that messages will not be passed to the brain as appropriate. Depending on the number of fibers that stop working, muscles may stop contracting, and skin may lose sensitivity.

Causes of pinched nerve

As the nerve leaves the spine, it might get pinched by a herniated disc, which forms from spinal arthritis. The carpal tunnel is also another common place for nerves to get pinched. All the finger flexor tendons pass through this bottleneck area, with the median nerve passing to the hand. Similar symptoms will be experienced irrespective of where the nerve is pinched, as the brain will not be able to tell the difference between the end, middle or begging of a nerve.

Symptoms of pinched nerve


In a majority of cases, an individual with pinched nerve will seem to experience pain that radiates down the leg from the lower back, just along the usual path. This is what is known as referred pain. Other forms of pain may be tingling, burning freezing or electric sensations.

Muscle spasm

One may also experience some muscle spasm, usually in the back. This can be quite painful and unbearable. The contractions may last for just a few seconds or many minutes depending on the severity of nerve damage.

AsxasDcSADSNumbness and weakness

In other cases, feeling numb and weak might be the only symptoms experienced. This usually starts in the arms or legs and does not bring about any pain.

Treatments for pinched nerve

You can try using Nerve Renew and a few recommendations provided by this reference link to alleviate all the symptoms related to nerve problems. They help get rid of pain and allows the patient to go about daily activities as usual. The supplement can also be used alongside other treatment options such as physical therapy and dieting.

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Joseph Chavis On August - 14 - 2017

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