With more and more people turning to vegan diet, the question “Is a vegan diet healthy?” is one that nutritionists seem to be getting all the time.

Unfortunately, the answer is not as definite as many would like it to be. It actually depends on your diet, so yes and no. For instance, someone who lives purely on salted potato chips is on a vegan diet, but that diet does not qualify as healthy.

However, there are benefits to a vegan diet. Recent studies show that a the standard vegan diet contains more Vitamin C anddiet fibre, as well as less saturated fat that is found in meat. Statistical studies also show that the BMI is lower in vegans than in meat eaters.

Vegan diets do not contain as much saturated fat as meat. As such anyone on this diet will have lower cholesterol and calorie
levels. They are thus at lower risk of heart diseases. This may sound great, perfect even. However, a vegan diet is likely to lack in micronutrients such as Vitamin D& B12, iron, calcium, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids. There is need to ensure that you enough of the above nutrients from specific vegan foods. Take additional supplements if you have to.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that vegan diets are healthy. But we can’t really say that they can be healthier. It is absolutely possible to make vegan diets healthier. Take a case where bakers have to struggle and find a healthier substitute for butter and cream. Vegan desserts offer a conventional opportunity to make healthier choices. For instance, one can use avocado instead of cream.

There you have it folks. Vegan diets can be both healthy and unhealthy. The key lies in understanding what makes up a healthy, balanced diet. This way, you get all the essential nutrients. Some of us look at the label in the supermarket and assume that the product is healthy. This is not always the case. It is always important to read the nutrition information provided to see how much of everything the product contains.diet3

If you decide to switch to a vegan diet, remember to treat it like any other diet. Look at every meal as just any other dish that does not contain meat. Feeding on plenty of vegetables and fruits, nuts, whole grains, pulses and pulses as well as minimizing on fatty and sugary food will guarantee a healthy diet with all nutrients needed by your body.…

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